PJ’s Coffee

 The Situation:


  • PJ’s Coffee had a strong brand in and around New Orleans
  • Beginning to expand into markets like Texas and Vietnam
  • We took them through our “Brand Truth Workshop” to modernize their brand for the future

Our Target and Insight:

People Who Appreciate The Difference

They walk past Starbucks and other coffee shops in search of a PJ’s because they know something others may not. They get PJ’s because they recognize that this cup tastes better or that the person at the counter seems actually interested in their lives. They go into PJ’s because all of the little things that PJ’s does have added up for them.

When we talk about “People who appreciate the difference”, these aren’t just people who are crazy about having the best coffee, but they can recognize the things we do differently that add up to a better experience. We considered “Those who taste the difference” but recognized that the experience at PJ’s Coffee was more than flavor; the PJ’s experience extends to the way our baristas are trained to the connection our customers have with our owners.

The majority of our customers aren’t coffee freaks. They just recognize and admire the things that we do differently than others.

Brand Truth: The Soul of Coffee