Ad of the Galaxy: HP Reinvents A Droid

Because of the massive fanfare that is Star Wars tonight, I thought I would name something what I am calling, the ad of the galaxy. This is the ad that I thought did the best job of cobranding themselves with Star Wars in some way. That award in my opinion goes to HP for the spot below.


Now everyone and their dog thought they needed to make a Star Wars ad this fall from water companies to car companies to macaroni and cheese, but most of them didn’t think about how Star Wars really fit with who they were at the core of their brand.

The reason why HP did the best is because they made Star Wars fit who they are trying to become as a company rather than making their company fit Star Wars. They want to be known as innovative, so they put Star Wars at the heart of that experience. That’s what makes a great cobranded ad.


Advertising Agency: BBDO, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David LubarsGreg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Toygar Bazarkaya
Creative Director / Art Director: Monty Pera
Creative Director / Copywriter: Don Marshall Wilhelmi
Account Director: David Ritter
Account Manager: Jaimie Donohue
Agency Producer: Katherine Cheng
Group Director, Behavioral Planning: Gordon McLean
Director: Tom Tagholm
Production Company: Park Pictures/London
Executive Producers: Dinah RodriguezStephen Brierley
Line Producer: Nick Goldsmith
DP: Erik Alexander Wilson
Editor: Tim Hardy / Stitch London
VFX: The Mill/New York
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Sound Engineer: Philip Loeb
Music Supervisors: John Mellilo, Julia Millison

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