Ad of the Week: #OptOutside

Welcome back to my ad of the week! This week we’re talking about Black Friday, or rather, a brand’s stance against Black Friday. REI is encouraging its customers to not shop on Black Friday by not only closing their stores, but paying all of their employees for that day as well. Watch the spot below.

I’m not really picking this spot because its that great of an ad. It’s a cool idea and communicates its message effectively, but it’s not necessarily groundbreaking. I’m picking this one because of the entire campaign together.

One, although I love Black Friday, it has gotten way out of control, and I love when brands make a stand against it. Because REI encourages all of us to be adventurers, it fits into their brand message to take a stand against shopping on Black Friday and encouraging people to be outside that day.

Two, the hashtag. The copywriters on this account did an incredible job with this hashtag. I’m so tired of lazy hashtags like #HowDoYouRedbox or #HowDoYouKFC. They could have very easily done #HowDoYouREI or some BS like that, but instead, they chose #OptOutside which is genius. It has a great double meaning to it and shows that this agency put some actual thought into it, and more importantly, that the client bought into it.

Client: REI
Campaign: #OptOutside
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Chairman: Paul Venables
Executive Creative Director: Will McGinness
Creative Director: Lee Einhorn
Copywriter: Adam Wolinsky
Art Director: Avery Oldfield
Design Lead: Jarrett Carr
Designer: Nicola Broderick
Head of Strategy: Michael Davidson
Senior Strategist: Mike Riley
Business Lead: Colleen McGee
Account Supervisor: Krista Muir
Account Managers: Ariel Rosen, Gillian McBrayer
Business Affairs: Sametta Gbilia
Director of Analytics: Jeff Burger
Director of User Design: Jeff Teicher
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Allen
Senior Producer: Jake Grand
Project Manager: Shannon Fischer
Director: Benji Weinstein
Line Producer: Jason Manz
Executive Producer: Lori Stonebraker
Production Company: Tool of North America
Managing Director, Live Action / Executive Producer: Oliver Fuselier
Managing Partner, Digital: Dustin Callif
Editorial Company: HutchCo Technologies
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Editor: Patrick O’Leary
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins
Visual Effects: Brickyard VFX
Lead Artist: Patrick Poulatian
Lead Artist: Mandy Sorenson
Producer: Linda Jackson
Executive Producer: Jeff Blodgett
Mix by Zach Fisher at Lime Studios
Senior Motion Designer: Victor Bivol
Executive Producer Lumberyard: Raquel Bedard / Anna Fields
Music Supervision: David Fisher at Songs for Film & TV
Director of Art Production: Jacqueline Fodor
Senior Print Producer: Michelle Wells
Lead Digital Producer: Adela Chung
Senior Integrated Producer: Marc McLean
Experience Design Company (Microsite): North Kingdom
Production Company (Media): 14Four
Retouching/Prepress: Pacific Digital Image
Production (Promotional Marketing): Freestyle MKTG
PR Firm: Edelman
Media Buying and Planning: Spark
EVP Group Director: Kathryn Dillon
VP Director Strategy: Chris Mittman
Associate Director of Strategy: Jan Alexander Vitturi-Lochra
Strategy Supervisor: Ellie Carroll
Strategy Associate: Michael Barutt, Agata Sciupider

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