Ad of the Week: Mercedes Gets Clever About Brakes

In this Ad of the Week, we’re talking about cars and more specifically, Honda. Those who know me know I hate most car ads. I don’t care about you driving around in the middle of nowhere talking about your 0% for 72 month special offer. Give me something creative.

That’s the only reason to love Lincoln with Matthew McConaughey. Sure, they make no sense, but at least they’re different.

That’s why I love this Mercedes spot. It’s both different and communicates a product benefit.

Mercedes had new brakes they wanted to advertise in this ad, and instead of just showing how they worked, they thought about who actually likes crashing cars. Kids. We’ve all destroyed some toy car by running it into another, and Mercedes made some toy cars with magnetic front ends to keep them from being able to crash into each other. Of course, the kids were dismayed, and it created a clever way for Mercedes to explain that their brake system will keep people from crashing.


Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Managing Director: Thimoteus Wagner
Creative Directors: Markus KremerThomas Heyen
Art Directors: Christian BaurSimon HattrupVictoria Walter
Copywriter: Leonhard Keller
Graphics: Benedikt Gaideczka, Sebastian Hölzer, Sonja Schäfer
Account: Andreas Ernst, Julian Pankratz, Carmen Bayer
Director: Robin Polák
Camera: Tanja Häring
Post Production: NHB Berlin
Production: Markenfilm Berlin
Producers: Robert TewesMarion Dopfer
Editor: Kathrin Schmoll

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