Ad Of The Week: Snickers updates the “Hungry” campaign

This is the portion of the blog where I will be reviewing what I think was the best ad of the last week. It could be a Youtube ad, print, TV, radio, etc.

This week we’re talking about Snickers. They’ve been running the “Hungry? grab a Snickers” campaign since 2010, and it’s largely been the same idea for all of that time.

Well they’ve finally updated the idea with “Dial-A-Snickers.” In this new spot from BBDO, they imagine a call center where people can report friends and family who are suffering from bad moods due to hunger. A call center rep will diagnose the specific mood, and a delivery boy will bring you a “hunger bar.” It’s a great fictional world they’re building, and I’m loving it.

Agency: BBDO New York
Title: Dial-A-Snickers

Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide: David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York: Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director: Gianfranco Arena
Executive Creative Director: Peter Kain
Senior Copywriter: Roberto Danino
Art Director/Associate Creative Director: Danny Adrain
Director of Integrated Production: David Rolfe
Group Executive Producer: Amy Wertheimer
Sr. Producer: Jess Jacklin

Managing Director, BBDO New York: Kirsten Flanik
Global Account Director: Susannah Keller
Account Director: Joshua Steinman
Account Manager: Tani Corbacho
Account Executive: Jocelyn Choi
Group Planning Director: Annemarie Norris
Senior Planner: Alaina Crystal
Senior Communications Planner: Sean Stogner

Director: Amir Farhang
Producer: Michael Manacop
Director of Photography: Morgan Susser

Editor: JJ Lask
Assistant Editor: Sara Sachs
Sr. Producer: Laura Lamb Patterson
Graphics: Michael Marciano
Color: Michael Marciano
Online: Margaret Yang

Audio Mixer: Evan Mangiamele

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